Rosehip and Skin Inflammation

What is inflammation?

Healthy Inflammation is the immune system’s first response to infection or irritation however, chronic Inflammation is detrimental to your health. When you’re injured or sick, bone marrow sends armies of white blood cells to root out the problem and start the healing process.

However, sometimes the immune system gets a faulty distress signal and sends white blood cells unnecessarily. These misguided white blood cells still assemble just like they would if your body was under harm, but because there is no infection for them to attack they may end up in the body for a long period of time and can start damaging internal organs and your skin. This can be caused by any number of factors which include toxins, microbes, a poor diet or have a genetic basis. Immune cells secrete free radicals and this is how they damage, oxidise and age the cells of the body and can cause skin problems such as wrinkles. Long term, this has the potential to lead to chronic premature ageing of the skin.

A dermatology perspective: Antioxidants and Skin Health

Healthy skin

In a recent scientific article published last year, the scientific paper stated that “Most dermatologists agree that antioxidants help fight free radical damage and can help maintain healthy skin. They do so by affecting intracellular signaling pathways involved in skin damage and protecting against photodamage, as well as preventing wrinkles and inflammation. In today’s modern world of the rising nutraceutical industry, many people, in addition to applying topical skin care products, turn to supplementation of the nutrients missing in their diets by taking multivitamins or isolated, man-made nutraceuticals, in what is known as the Inside-Out approach to skin care.”[i] This is what the science is saying about our skins and thus the need to look at the goings on inside the body is vitally important.

Why should we prevent inflammation?

Inflammation is thought to be the root to all disease, fuelled by poor diet, lack of exercise, exposure of your skin to a harsh environment and other lifestyle factors. This may explain why many of our lifestyle related diseases have reached epidemic proportions in Western countries. As a result, it is vital that we take simple steps in our daily lifestyle to prevent inflammation – through diet, exercise and supplementation.

Nutrients that reduce inflammation

It is very important to learn which foods are beneficial for inflammation and overall health – the key is to aim for variety, include as much fresh food as possible and consume certain nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids.  Try to minimise processed foods and fast food from your diet as they contain high levels of trans fats (from margarine and processed bakery goods such as breads etc.) which can increase the potential for inflammation in your body. Also limit your intake of sugar, dairy, alcohol, grains (e.g. pasta, cereal and bread) and artificial food additives (e.g. Aspartame, MSG) as excessive consumption of these can fuel your body’s inflammatory response. Make sure you consume a wide variety of colourful fruits, salads and vegetables along with lots of nuts and seeds.

Exercise for your skin

While every doctor would tout the benefits of exercise for your heart and waistline, what is less understood is the benefit that exercise has on your skin. Studies have found that moderate to intense exercise increases the blood flow to the skin dramatically increasing the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the skin.[ii]

What are the benefits of a special Rosehip supplement with GOPO®?

A Rosehip powder with GOPO® is a natural and clinically proven anti-inflammatory supplement made from 100% pure and natural Rosehip. GOPO® is the key patented compound activated during the special patented drying process of the Rosehip fruit, which acts as a natural anti-inflammatory. Rosehip powder with GOPO® is also a powerful anti-oxidant and contains one of nature’s richest sources of Vitamin C – studies have found that natural Vitamin C is absorbed in the body more effectively than synthetic Vitamin C and Vitamin C has been found to be highly beneficial to the skin.


Most people think that to get healthier skin, it is important to put creams and lotions on the skin, yet clearly, the skin grows from the inside out. I liken it to watering the lawn by wetting the grass and leaving the roots dry if all you do is put creams and lotions on the skin and don’t improve your health on the inside.  Reducing chronic inflammation which is present in a large number of the population will reduce accelerated aging in the skin and, as a side effect, improve overall health.


[i] J Drugs Dermatol. 2012 Sep;11(9):e1-4. Systemic antioxidants and skin health.Nguyen G, Torres A.


[ii] Exp Physiol. 2011 Sep;96(9):822-8. Changes in the control of skin blood flow with exercise training: where do cutaneous vascular adaptations fit in? Simmons GH, Wong BJ, Holowatz LA, Kenney WL.

Modular Built Housing

Modular Built Housing Works

When looking for a new home there’s a lot of options. There are so many options that it can get a little confusing. I know that many of us are looking for a quality home that will not ruin month every time we see the mortgage. This can be done when you chose modular built housing. Really, this is the housing of the future and its time for you to get on board.

Isn’t it nice when everything organised? Are you a neat person that likes to see everything tidy? Well, when you choose a modular built home you will see clean designs with similarity all around you. If you are looking for that cookie cutter American life then this really is your ticket. I know it would be nice to finally live that dream.

modular built housingby: Darren Kucko

The good news is that the mechanics for your neighbourhood will know your house inside and out. They will have it down to a fine art. Sense all of  the housing is the same they will be able to tell how to fix your home faster and the experience they gain from your neighbours will work in your home as well.

Its a great place for kids to grow up. Why not take them out of the city? I know you want to raise wholesome kids and this environment is the best place to start. The other people living around you will have families to! There is a very low crime rate in the suburbs.

So why not get yourself the modular modular housing Tweed Heads you have always wanted? Its the best thing you can do for your family, plus it wont financially break you. Isn’t that nice? Affordability and quality all in the exact same place! How could you pass this up?

Detecting Water Leaks In Your House

If you have a water leak anywhere in your home it can cost you more money than you think as far as your water bill, and an undetected leak can cause damage to structures of the house, depending upon where the leak is located. Here are some tips on detecting leaks in various parts of the house:

shower headCheck the toilets. A running toilet will use lots of water and you will just end up paying for water that your are not using. A toilet that is not leaking should be as silent as a judge, with no hissing or leaking noise. If you are not sure, take a drop or two of food colouring and drop it into the tank, and then watch and see if any of the coloured water makes it into the bowl. If it does, you have a leak from the tank out to the bowl. The problem is probably in the flapper at the tank’s bottom, allowing water to seep through, so just replace the flapper. If you have more than one toilet, check them all.

If you have a shut off valve at your house, shut off the water and then go look at the meter if it is beyond the shutoff valve. If the meter is still running, you have a leak between the meter and the house. You may have saved some money when you call the plumber, just by locating the leak.

If you have a shower, check the shower head for leaks. If you find the leak there, simply replace the shower head. If you find that a pipe is leaking anywhere along the water line, it can be taped and pretty well repaired in that manner. Do an online search if you are unsure how to do this. Stopping a leak here can also prevent an outbreak of mould, which can create another problem altogether.

The Popularity of Motorhome Conversions

More and more people are discovering the joys of taking long road trips for family vacations. Flying has become such a hassle, and it is getting more expensive every year. Going on a road trip, especially in an a customised motorhome, can be a very exciting experience.

You have many choices in terms of what options are available in the design of your motorhome. A lot of motorhome companies can convert an old van or a bus into the motorhome that you want. You can put in as many options as you can fit in.

Caravan Repairs Gold Coast

A must-have feature to have in a motorhome is, of course, a place to sleep. This vehicle is your home away from home, so you need a comfortable place where you can stretch out an sleep. The advantage of traveling in a motorhome is that you do not have to find a hotel to stay in because you have your home on wheels.

That means your motorhome should have enough space for everyone traveling with you to sleep. Seating that can be converted into beds are handy because you can maximize your usable space in the motorhome during the day. A mini-kitchen is also nice to have so you can prepare your meals. The kitchen should at least have a sink, a stove, a refrigerator and counter space where you can prep the meals. Storage space is also important.

Your motorhome conversion should also include a lavatory if it can be fitted in. The less you need to depend on outside facilities, the more independent your excursion can be. Other amenities should include electrical outlets for your entertainment gadgets. You may even want to consider installing a satellite dish so you can enjoy your favorite TV shows on the road. Being able to take along some comforts of home is what makes traveling by motorhome so popular.

By motorhome fit-outs specialist on the Gold Coast, Red Dog Campers;

The Work Of An Environmental Consultant

An Environmental Consultant Can Help to Assess the Impact on the Environment That Any Human Action Can Have

What does an environmental consultant do? The awareness of our responsibilities towards the environment and the need to sustain it, has led to many governments all over the world, putting legislation into place that actively governs the emissions and pollution that people, vehicles and industries put into the atmosphere though their various activities. The objective is to reduce this pollution to a level, which the atmosphere can automatically take care of.

monitor pollution levels

It is the need for compliance to the various laws and standards regarding pollution that has led to the need for environmental consulting. The work of an environmental consultant is to see that standards are maintained and environmental laws complied with. Environmental consultants can also be called in for expert advice, when chemical spills or oil spills occur. They are then required to give advice on containing the damage to the environment besides any cleanup efforts. Industries call on them to decide on the allowable emissions from their plants and ways of keeping them under control, so that laws are not broken.

An environmental consultant can also be called upon in any rehabilitation project, especially after cessation of mining or excavation works, so that the land is put back in the same natural condition that existed before the work was commenced. They may also be asked to give advice on landfills and waste management so that any damage to the environment caused by them is within acceptable limits. Environmentalists are also involved in the preservation of wild life and the safeguarding of their habitats. Occasionally, they may even be involved in an issue regarding species that are endangered, and ways and means of preventing their extinction.

endangered species

It has become customary, the world over, to ask for environmental impact assessments for major construction projects, whether they be of residential homes, setting up of industries or even major road, bridge and other transportation projects. It is the job of environmental consultants to study existing environmental conditions and assess the changes that could occur after the concerned project is completed. Where major changes are anticipated, the consultants will also be required to suggest means to mitigate them or suggest solutions that will be acceptable to the people affected by this environmental change. This especially is of concern, when large patches of vegetation need to be removed to facilitate the building of a project, and where this can lead to further soil erosion. Some projects can cause changes in ground water conditions by altering natural drainage, while subsidence can take place when tree removal is resorted to in a large way.

For more information on the work of an environmental consultant here is a resource you can visit; ADG Consulting

The Role Of A Party Hire Company

Party hire companies offer a full range of services to those looking to plan a wedding or a corporate, private or public event. Party hire companies will work with customers and clients to develop a whole package of services that meet their needs when planning a special event, such as tables and chairs, decorations, light and sound, marquees and catering and service equipment.

party balloons

The company works closely with the client to develop a full range of decorations for the event. This can include balloons, streamers, flowers, statues and banners that will be designed to a theme or colour scheme and set up on site for the party. Additional seating and tables can be supplied by a company and options range from large wedding party tables to standing tables and bar stools and even casual lounge seating The company will deliver and set up the equipment as required and will remove it after the event.
Catering equipment that is available through a party hire company includes everything from a gas barbecues, glasses, crockery, food heating equipment, cutlery, glasses and more. The company will deliver and set up larger items such as heating ovens and BBQ’s so that they are ready to use.Party hire companies can supply a range of microphones, amps, speakers and PA systems for events. They also can supply lighting on rigs that can highlight certain areas of the party or be fun and entertaining coloured lights and lasers for dance floors.

Marquees for outdoor events are available from companies who will deliver and set up the marquee on site. Decorations, tables & chairs, lighting and catering equipment can all be set up within the marquee as well.

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What Does An Optometrist Do?

Although the names may be the same, an optometrist is not quite the same as an optician. An optician’s main role is to test your vision and prescribe glasses, while the main role of an optometrist is to check for and treat eye problems and diseases. Some optometrists choose to specialise, in such areas as sports vision or children’s vision.

However, an optometrist can also carry out eye exams, and many of the appointments made are for this reason. The exam allows both the patient and the doctor to understand whether their vision is improving and deteriorating, and most eye exams are covered by insurance plans.

An optometrist can also help you to choose the right pair of glasses, depending on your tastes, whether you are long or short sighted, and of course your budget. An optometrist can also advise you whether contact lenses may be an option for you.

eye health

Some optometrists check for various eye diseases, including one of the most common, glaucoma. They can prescribe medication, and although they cannot perform surgery they can provide care for patients both before and after an eye surgery.

Patients with these diseases may be referred to another eye doctor or a specialist, depending on the disease and the severity. An optometrist is able to advise you where to go to have any specialist procedure carried out, and what to expect.

If you wear glasses, you have probably broken them at some point, and one of the most common reasons for a visit to the optometrist is to repair broken glasses. The damage can range from a missing nose piece, to a cracked lens.

Full Service Plumber

Most plumbing companies offer a plan where a qualified plumber comes to your home and maintains all of your plumbing equipment. This would include pipes, faucets, water heaters and other such items. However, a regular maintenance service is a concept that a lot of people do not take advantage of. Most of us wait until there is a plumbing emergency before we phone a plumbing company to come out to our home. Sometimes the man about the house considers himself to be a qualified plumber and he may try to fix the plumbing problem on his own. He will travel down to the local hardware store and purchase a lot of expensive plumbing tools without having the knowledge of how to use them properly. Obviously by doing this he is in the position of wasting both precious time and a lot of money. So what is the answer for those that have plumbing problems?

The answer is to have a well-known and reputable plumbing do this service in your home. A company that provides a maintenance service program will come over to your home twice a year and give all of your plumbing a complete and thorough check up. As mentioned above, by doing this on a regular basis you will in the long run save yourself a huge amount of money. As also mentioned, your time is valuable as you are a busy person. There are a lot of better things to do with your time.

A plumbing maintenance service program is essential for checking your plumbing for any possible future issues. They will let you know in advance when there appears to be a potential problem. They will maintain your water and drain pipes so that they will be clear. This will prevent any future untimely clogs to occur. If there are any big ticket items that need to be replaced such as hot water heaters they will give you a fair discount on the price because you are a regular customer.

Plumbing Maintenance

When you think about it there are a lot of things that you do on a regular schedule to maintain certain things. For example, think about your landscaping around the house. How many times have friends and neighbours complemented you on the beautiful condition of your yard? You know that the reason that your yard looks so good is that you have a landscaping crew come once a month to do regular maintenance of all the areas. They mow the lawn and eliminate the weeds and provide fertiliser to the flower beds. It therefore makes the same sense to have a plumber come to your home on a regular basis to make sure that all of your plumbing remains working in good order.

There are a lot of good plumbing companies that you can call. Make sure that you find one who is well established in your area because experience counts. Some of the companies in the city have more than twelve experienced licensed plumbers at your command. They probably will have a combined experience total of many years in the plumbing business. This is very important when you have a complicated plumbing problem and you need someone there quickly.

So, do not take a chance with an unqualified and unknowledgeable plumber coming to your house and causing further damage by not knowing how to fix the problem. Good qualified plumbers are available to do the work in a correct manner. They will also offer you a verbal promise that they will back-up any of their work. After all, your home is your castle and who wants to live in a castle with plumbing issues?