Which Type Of Travel Insurance Is Best For You?


There are a plethora of travel insurance policies out there for you to choose from. But, depending on who you are travelling with, where you are travelling to, and many of your other travel preferences, the most suitable travel insurance plan for you may not always be the one which you are used to. 


Let us now delve into some of the various types of travel insurance policies available on the market for travellers who are planning to take a trip out of Singapore soon. 

  • Group Coverage Travel Insurance Plans


Are you going on a well-deserved vacation over the holidays with your family and friends? Trips with your family and friends should ideally be stress-free, and ensuring that you and your loved ones are well-protected is the best way to fully enjoy your trip abroad. Instead of buying travel insurance individually and only for yourself, you could consider purchasing group or family travel insurance plans, which could allow you to enjoy potential savings, as well as lending you and your family extensive coverage and protection. 


Many group coverage plans include coverages for both adults and children, and the limits could differ. For instance, HL Assurance’s Enhanced Travel Insurance plan offers a S$250,000 medical benefit limit for adults, and S$100,000 for children. Buying a group plan is often cheaper for most families. Another advantage that comes with buying a group policy is also the simplified process, since paperwork would only need to be filled in and submitted once, instead of separately. It also helps if the whole family is protected by the same policy, to avoid any potential confusion and differences in coverage should any accident or emergency occur abroad. 

  • Annual Travel Insurance Plans


For the avid globetrotters seeking adventure in every nook and corner of the planet, travelling may be something that you do very often. Lucky you! Instead of purchasing travel insurance plans over and over again whenever you embark on your next trip, you can consider purchasing an annual travel insurance plan. Annual travel insurance plans work by providing you with the necessary coverage and protection on any of your trips all year round. For the frequent flyers especially, annual travel insurance plans are way cheaper and more affordable than single-trip insurance plans, making them extremely worth their inexpensive price. 


Additionally, the benefits and coverage provided by annual trip plans do not differ that greatly from single-trip plans as well. Hence, they are well-worth the investment especially if you intend to travel a few times this year! 


You no longer need to stick with your individual single-trip travel insurance plans which may be much more expensive, especially when you now have these new options to consider. 


Apart from annual travel insurance plans, and group coverage plans, there are also more types of travel insurance policies available for the average Singaporean traveller. Visit our webpage today to find out more, including comprehensive guides and reviews on all the travel insurance policies available in Singapore today! 


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