Why Is Travel Insurance So Important?

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In light of the easing of travel restrictions in Singapore and in most parts of the world, travel is finally back and it is the hottest topic in town. Are you ready to embark on your first trip since the pandemic started, to a lovely beach town, a bustling city, or a beautiful and scenic countryside? 


The first step to getting ready for the vacation of your dreams is definitely packing your bags. Passport, check. Sunscreen, check. Money, check. Wait, are you missing something? The number one travel essential for all your trips abroad cannot be left out, in all circumstances. So what is it? The must-pack item for going overseas is surely your travel insurance. 


Why is travel insurance so important? Do I really need it, especially if I’m going on a short trip to just Malaysia or Thailand? Yes, it is indeed of utmost importance as it provides you with coverage and gives you the protection that you need, in case of any unforeseen circumstances which could leave you stranded with huge monetary losses, or even danger to your safety and life. 


Coverage of Life Insurance 


Travel insurance provides you with the necessary coverage in a few major sectors, such as Personal Accident or Death, Medical Expenses, Emergency Medical Evacuation, Cancellation and Delay and Loss of Baggage. 


When you are overseas, encountering accidents or injuries while being in a  new and foreign environment is especially scary and daunting, since you would probably not feel familiar with the healthcare system, the people there, as well as the procedures that you need to follow. What is worse, is the fact that seeking medical help for personal accidents or injuries may incur extremely high costs, compared to visiting a clinic or hospital in Singapore. This is because in other countries, medical visits are not as heavily subsidised as in Singapore, and this is especially so for tourists and foreigners. The last thing we want to happen to us is meeting with an accident and blowing a huge fortune away on medical expenses. 


Another heart-stopping possibility is political instability or the likes in your destination country. Back when the Covid-19 pandemic first started, there were tourists and employees stranded in their destination countries, unable to return home due to the sudden travel restrictions and regulations, where borders were all closed. In such a scenario, emergency evacuation may be needed, but it can be extremely expensive and difficult to coordinate one. Hence, travel insurance usually covers Emergency Evacuation to allow for the reimbursement of such emergency expenditures. 


Even if we try to ignore such scary situations, there is always a pretty high possibility that you may encounter slight disturbances and hindrances during your trip. This may include robbery or loss of your baggage and belongings, which could pose as pretty big trouble, especially for those who had been carrying expensive or valuable items. Delays in flights leading to missed connections are also rather common, and they could cause a bomb due to the need to rebook many new flights and transport options all over again. 


Other than the monetary and financial damage that such problems may bring to you, they also cause much mental distress and worry. If you do not want to subject yourself to such stress and concern during the supposed relaxing and exciting vacation, wait no further and purchase travel insurance now, for the peace of mind that you deserve. For a compilation of the best travel insurance plans in Singapore, feel free to visit this page today!

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